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The world-class DMU41

For 25 years, our products have transformed the inertial sensing industry. Today, our unique position, and innovation, in mems inertial technology is driving world-class performance in critical areas such as noise, bias instability, and random walk.

We are redefining MEMS inertial.

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MEMS gyroscopes designed to meet all levels of performance requirements in a huge range of applications.


Class-leading MEMS accelerometers and combi-sensors, delivering high-precision linear acceleration measurement in any environment.

Inertial Measurement Units

High performance, lightweight, and reliable IMUs. Delivering ground-breaking MEMs inertial precision in any environment.


Motion sensing in
any environment

Our products deliver robust and reliable inertial performance across a vast range of motion sensing applications. From industrial robotics to satellite control, autonomous vehicle guidance to motion tracking, aircraft attitude heading and reference systems (AHRS) to precision agriculture – our technology has helped change the world.

Guidance & Navigation

As the world is growing more reliant on ultra-reliable and accurate positioning in challenging conditions - space, subsea, urban canyons, underground and contested areas - there is recognition that traditional solutions alone are not sufficient. Our range of sensors and IMUs are calibrated across their full operating temperature range and give the perfect foundation for building complex inertial navigation and guidance systems.

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Compensating in real time, the effects of vibration and platform motion across all environments, and ensuring accurate, low noise, precise motion sensing is key to stabilisation applications. Our technology achieves tactical-grade performance in critical areas such as bias instability and angle random walk for any environment.

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Modern sensing and communication demand higher fidelity and precision than ever before. From low cost, low noise, high bandwidth through to tactical grade and low drift. We offer a wide range of inertial sensors that deliver ultra-precise, reliable, tracking across land, sea, air, and space.

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Motion sensing

For tactical, industrial, and scientific applications, there is a growing need to measure and collect motion sensing data. Our range of inertial sensors, from combi sensors through to full 9-Degrees of Freedom IMUs, allow you to measure precise motion in any orientation, across a range of dynamic conditions.

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