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Silicon Sensing is a global leader in inertial sensing. Our silicon micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology achieves unmatched levels of performance gains in critical areas such as bias instability and angle random walk. We are home to the best talent, leading cutting-edge innovation, research, and development. Together, we are solving the inertial challenges, in any environment.
Trusted by the Worlds Best

About us

Trusted by the world’s best

We started making MEMS inertial sensors in 1999, since then, the world and our designs have changed.

We have supplied over 29 million sensors worldwide; many are still in use today. Our products are trusted by the world’s leading technology companies. From automotive and aviation, through to surveying, mapping and marine industries. Our customers choose us for high-quality, ultra-precise and reliable performance in ever-more extreme environments across sea, air, space, and land.

About us

Solving the inertial challenges of tomorrow

Our goal is to extend the performance boundaries of our technology whilst minimising unit size, weight, and power consumption. Independent analysis clearly shows our latest products deliver performance equivalent to larger, heavier, and far more costly fibre optic gyros (FOG) based units.

A global leader

25-years of partnership

Headquartered in Plymouth, UK and Amagasaki, Japan. We were formed in 1999 and are jointly owned by Collins Aerospace and Sumitomo Precision Products.

Collins Aerospace can trace its heritage in gyroscopes and inertial sensors back to the Sperry Gyroscope Company, founded in 1913, giving this half of the venture a great depth of expertise in inertial systems and their deployment in real-world applications. Sumitomo Precision Products, based in Amagasaki, Japan, brings unique expertise in silicon MEMS fabrication.

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David Somerville

General Manager/ Director

Jim Boyd

Deputy General Manager & Project Manager

Mark Marshall

Chief Engineer Officer

Marzia DiFatta

Operations Manager

Eric Whitley

Business Development Lead

Darioosh Naderi

Global Strategy and Marketing Lead

Lisa Garrett

Project Manager

Martyn Beech

Quality Manager

Norman Cooke

Commercial Manager/Company Secretary

Greg Wilkinson

Sales Manager

Gary Kittle

Sales Manager

Mark Hunter

Principal Applications Engineer

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