1 Millionth CRS03 shipped

Another milestone in the supply of gyros from Silicon Sensing Systems

Sales of the CRS03 gyroscope have reached an all time high and this month the 1,000,000th unit rolled off Silicon Sensing Systems’ production line, marking yet another major achievement in the life of this remarkable VSG (Vibrating Structure Gyro) sensor technology. Silicon Sensing Systems announced over a year ago that it had delivered 10,000,000 VSG yaw rate sensors to automotive customers for use in vehicle Electronic Stability Control systems for passenger cars, trucks and buses.

“There appears to be no hint of a slow down in the demand for CRS03 gyros, we have hundreds of satisfied customers and every week we receive new enquiries for new applications. Ten years ago gyros were still thought of as mainly for military and aerospace equipment. What we’re seeing is a growth arising from increased awareness among control system designers of what gyros are capable of. The size, affordability and reliability of CRS03 MEMS gyros is enabling new products in markets such as robotics, navigation and stabilisation. CRS03, and its siblings CRS05 and CRS07, have become the benchmark for performance and reliability in a wide range of applications ranging from model helicopter control to satellite TV antenna systems.” Eric Whitley – Business Development Executive for Silicon Sensing Systems Limited based in Plymouth, UK.

CRS03 is available in six different configurations to suit customers’ particular packaging and measurement range requirements.

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