Mikado choose PinPoint®

Mikado choose PinPoint® for superior performance

Mikado, a leading German manufacturer of RC Model Helicopters is now successfully using MEMS gyro sensors supplied by Silicon Sensing for its VStabi virtual flybar control system products.

“VBar” is a device that’s built into RC Helicopters and replaces the traditional mechanical stabilisation facilities of the helicopter’s rotorhead. It greatly simplifies the mechanics and improves the flight performance to a new level. The new “VBar Silverline” from Mikado uses the PinPoint® MEMS gyros from Silicon Sensing to achieve a performance superior to that of any other MEMS gyroscope.

The unit picks up the rotational speeds on all three axes, processes them with a specially designed algorithm, and outputs the result to the servos that drive the helicopters swashplate and tail rotor.

“In the past we used different gyro sensors that are available on the market, but they have certain drawbacks in vibration resistance and temperature drifts. Finally we found the optimal solution with the Silicon Sensing PinPoint® gyroscopes CRM100 and CRM200.” – Ulrich Röhr, Mikado.

The Silicon Sensing gyroscopes use a unique patented vibrating ring element which makes the device more robust in a high vibration environment. This feature means that the performance of the gyro is maintained through these vibrations and gives an excellent dynamic behaviour when the helicopters are flown hard in full 3D.

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