Segway ‘thumbs-up’ for PinPoint®

Segway ‘thumbs-up’ for PinPoint.

After a year of development, and rigorous testing and trials at Segway’s facility in Bedford, New Hampshire (USA), Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® precision navigation and pointing MEMS gyro has been given a ‘thumbs up’ for use in the Balance Sensor Assembly for Segway’s latest generation of ground breaking self-balancing Personal Transporters (PT).

Silicon Sensing was heavily involved in the original development and manufacture of the BSA for Segway over ten years ago, using its VSG (Vibrating Structure Gyroscope). PinPoint® uses the latest generation of this unique vibrating ring gyro technology and delivers the same high reliability angular rate sensing but in a device which is a tiny fraction of the size, power consumption and cost of the original.

One of the key factors for Segway is the high performance and integrity of the sensors produced by Silicon Sensing. PinPoint® CRM100 is an automotive grade gyro sensor and the technology is used in passenger car navigation, safety and braking systems.

Production deliveries of CRM100 units have already begun.

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