Silicon Sensing Gyros in Unique Industrial Application

Silicon Sensing gyroscopes are being used in a system to improve operational conditions in the industrial workplace. With over 1 million lift trucks in operation, many of them being used to handle heavy loads, the risk of injury to pedestrians in that environment can be minimised by the trucks being equipped with Vision Plus™.

Taylor Machine Works, based in Louisville Mississippi, use the CRS03-04 in the Vision Plus™ pedestrian detection aid for operators of powered industrial vehicles. The gyro is used to determine the vehicle’s turning direction and rate of turn (is it going straight, turning left, or turning right and how fast it is turning). That information is used to help predict the path of the vehicle, which is used with Taylor’s pedestrian detection system to determine if a collision is likely. The Vision Plus™ system provides an audible warning in the cab to alert to driver of the proximity of people at risk.

The CRS03 was chosen over other models because it is pre-packaged (self-contained unit) single axis yaw rate sensor. The primary reason it was chosen over the competition is due to cost competitiveness within a limited market for single axis sensors.

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