Silicon Sensing Yaw Rate Sensor Hits Record Quality Metric

3-year warranty returns from the automotive industry below 1.6 ppm

Silicon Sensing Systems Limited has reached a new milestone in the supply of MEMS Yaw Rate Sensors for automotive ESC (Electronic Stability Control). Customer factory returns are now consistently below 5 parts per million (0.0005%) and the 3-year warranty field returns, another key customer quality metric, are at less than 1.6 ppm.

This is a prime example of Silicon Sensing’s commitment to Kaizen (continuous improvement) and is testament to the quality and integrity of its VSG-3 (Vibrating Structure Gyro) MEMS yaw rate sensor.

The market for ESC is forecast to grow significantly over the next 5 years as the US and EU mandate its insertion, so it’s increasingly important for automotive OEMs to have absolute confidence of the integrity of the critical motion sensors used in the system. Also, as the industry strives to reduce cost through quality improvements and increased use of integrated systems, having the most reliable yaw rate sensor embedded in a costly ECU becomes an imperative.

Silicon Sensing Systems Limited is a leading provider of MEMS angular (yaw) rate sensors and inertial systems to automotive, industrial and commercial markets. Over 15 million rate sensors have been delivered to satisfied customers worldwide.

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