UK and Japanese teams meet to map out the future for Silicon Sensing

Directors and senior representatives from Silicon Sensing in Japan visited the Plymouth, U.K. site in June for a series of meetings to review the business and implementation of the new strategy which is to focus on developing technology, products and markets for high performance MEMS inertial sensors and to grow its MEMS foundry business.

Advancements in its MEMS inertial sensor technologies, for both angular rate sensing and linear acceleration, combined with increased demand for higher precision from certain industrial and commercial sectors, are creating new opportunities to grow the business for higher value products in direct competition with entrenched supply chains and technologies, such as FOG gyros and first generation MEMS accelerometers. Mapping and surveying is just one example of the expanding markets for precision inertial MEMS.

Another growth area for Silicon Sensing is the service market for its specialist foundry capabilities. Built up over the last 14 years through the manufacture of 20 million devices Silicon Sensing has gained unique competencies in areas such as PZT sputtering, ICP etching, glass blasting, etc. These are now in high demand for third parties requiring these capabilities for product development and small scale mass production.

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