CRH02 supports Hyperloop proposal

ilicon Sensing’s CRH02 gyro is being evaluated to assist in the navigation system for a prototype Hyperloop Pod being developed by the “HyperPodX” team at the University of Oldenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in Germany.

SpaceX are staging an international engineering competition; “Hyperloop Pod Competition III”, in which competing teams will run their prototype levitating, human-scale, pods on a 1.2km test track in Hawthorne, California, in a race against the clock. The Hyperloop marks the 5th Generation of Transportation. It is a super-fast levitating vehicle traveling through a vacuum tube at speeds that are faster than a commercial airliner. Without air-drag, the pod avoids turbulences and adverse weather conditions, offering more comfort than a train.

The future of human transportation is fast evolving, before long we will witness the era of driverless cars, space tourism and hyperloop rapid inter-city transit. Behind the scenes Silicon Sensing is heavily involved in providing the enabling technologies to realise all of these new forms of transport. The latest high precision, solid-state MEMS inertial sensors are being extensively used to help stabilise and guide autonomous vehicles on the ground, at sea, in the air and into space.

Since its formation nearly 20 years ago Silicon Sensing has always been at the wavefront of transportation technology, from advanced braking systems in everyday cars to novel stability control in revolutionary devices like Segway. We call it #MotionEvolution.

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