DMU11 enables Precision Agriculture

DMU11, the latest miniature Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) from Silicon Sensing Systems Limited, is now in full production and has been selected by Agrifac Machinery BV for use in their latest cropsprayer, the MountainMasterPlus.

DMU11 is the latest in a family of high performance IMUs, offering market-leading inertial sensing capability in a cost-effective OEM package, and aimed at high volume industrial applications like Smart Agriculture. With each silicon MEMS sensor being made by Silicon Sensing in their foundry in Japan, the DMU11 combines three rotation rate sensors with six linear accelerometers. Sophisticated processing is included, allowing each unit to be individually calibrated to optimise its performance over a wide temperature range. Communication is via an industry standard RS422 link.

In Agrifac’s crop-sprayer application, their StabloPlus chassis controls the ride height of each wheel individually, enabling the cab to stay horizontal on steep slopes whilst the spraying boom maintains a fixed height over the crops. DMU11 plays a key role in these control loops, providing reliable real-time inertial data in a challenging real-world environment.

Key performance parameters of the DMU11 are:

  • Dynamic Range ±300°/s and ±10g
  • Bias Instability <10°/hr and 0.05mg
  • Random Walk <0.4°/rt hr and 0.05m/s

Silicon Sensing has a long heritage in the gyroscope marketplace; predecessor companies can be traced back to the first production of rotating gyroscopes for navigation – over 100 years ago. Recently, Silicon Sensing has been leveraging the inherent high performance capability of their particular MEMS sensors with a series of high-performance gyros and IMUs for a diverse range of applications, including autonomous self-driving vehicles.

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