DMU10 Diverse Applications

DMU10, the low-cost IMU launched 18 months ago, has proved an extremely popular choice for a very diverse range of applications on land, at sea and in the air.

Applications as varied as Precision Agriculture, Robotics, Commercial Aviation, Vehicle Telematics, Drilling Platforms, Unmanned Airborne and Underwater Vehicles are all now using the DMU10 and seeing the cost/performance benefits that result. Designers have appreciated the choice of OEM or housed module configurations as well as the enhanced performance of the pre-calibrated options.

DMU10 comprises three of Silicon Sensing’s popular Orion combi-sensors – each of which has a PZT MEMS gyro and two axis MEMS accelerometer within. The orthogonal construction of the Orion sensors with the DMU10 allows the accelerometer axes to be arranged in back-to-back pairs, enhancing common-mode error rejection. Bias Instability and Random Walk (noise) performance for both gyros and accelerometers is class-leading, and a key discrimination factor. A PC-based evaluation kit makes it easy to interface to the DMU10 for initial experimentation, and to save the real-time inertial data for subsequent analysis.