CRH03 Launched

Silicon Sensing Systems is introducing a new, all-silicon gyro with inertial sensing performance that is a clear and highly cost-effective alternative to both fibre optic gyro (FOG) and dynamically tuned gyro (DTG) -based products.

The new CRH03 high-performance/low-noise, single axis gyroscope is an upgrade to the company’s previous-generation CRH02 unit. The CRH03 consumes 30% less power than its predecessor and incorporates improvements in both micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and electronics, including new drive electronics and improvements to the sensor head. It is available in five rate ranges, including a new option of 10 degrees per second, is highly tolerant to external vibration and delivers excellent bias instability and angle random walk.

Steve Capers, General Manager, Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd, explains: “CRH03 is a precision gyro with huge potential across sectors such as aerospace, marine, rail, robotics, mining and autonomous vehicles – and in a variety of roles including platform stabilisation, surveying and guidance and control – or as part of a full inertial measurement unit (IMU).”

CRH03 is available both as a packaged unit and as an OEM version. For customers who are creating their own sensor system, such as an IMU, the OEM version is deployable in multiples. With three choices of resonant frequency, system designers are able to specify a triplet of gyros with different frequencies to ensure they achieve the required system motion sensing performance.

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