DMU10 will be sampling soon…

Silicon Sensing Systems has been developing its latest 6 degree of freedom Dynamic Measurement Unit, the DMU10 and it will be sampling soon.

DMU10 provides three axes of angular rate and linear acceleration, and two measurements of temperature. The output message includes message counter, built-in test results, delta theta and delta velocity information. Data is output on an industry standard RS422 interface for ease of integration.

DMU10 is engineered using Silicon Sensing’s unique MEMS VSG5 ring gyroscope and capacitive accelerometer technologies to provide benchmark performance, size and affordability. It contains three 5th generation piezoelectric (PZT) gyroscopes and six accelerometers. Outputs from dual ‘back-to-back’ accelerometers per axis are averaged to improve precision and reduce uncorrelated noise.

It will be vailable as un-calibrated, calibrated at room temperature and calibrated over the full operating temperature range, DMU10 is also supplied either as an OEM or Packaged unit. Early samples will be the calibrated (over temperature), “A Model” OEM version.

Typical Allan Variance plots for the Gyroscope and Accelerometer channels are shown below:

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