DMU30 Update

DMU30 is making excellent progress and is on course for full release in October. DMU30 is a first generation High Performance MEMS IMU (HPIMU). The design is essentially complete and DMU30 units are now being out through their paces as part of thorough internal qualification testing. Several key potential customers gave already taken delivery of pre-production units for integration, trials and evaluation. “The development team are very confident of the integrity of the IMU design which has already passed several tests with flying colours, including HALT accelerated life testing” reports Silicon Sensing’s Project Manager, Nathan Willcocks. “Once complete the development team will being work on some of the planned new features to be incorporated into future generations of the DMU30 as the next step along the HPIMU roadmap, these include, for example, low-power sleep mode, over-range capability and AHRS functions. However the focus today is on the release of the first generation DMU30”.

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