DMU41 Launched

Silicon Sensing introduces a new 9 DoF inertial measurement unit – the DMU41

  • The highest performing silicon MEMS IMU available
  • Unit volume, weight and power consumption reduced by more than 40%

Silicon Sensing Systems is launching a new 9 degrees of freedom (DoF) inertial measurement unit (IMU) which extends the class-leading performance of its predecessor, the DMU30, whist delivering a dramatic reduction in volume, weight and power consumption.

At only 50x50x50mm, and weighing just 200g, the new DMU41 represents a 54% reduction in volume and a 42% reduction in weight over the DMU30. In addition, it has a power consumption 50% lower than DMU30’s typical usage.

With these remarkable decreases in scale and power consumption the DMU41 brings ultra-precise motion sensing to far smaller and more restricted platforms and applications whilst delivering performance that competes directly with far heavier, larger and more costly, fibre optic gyro-based units.

Steve Capers, General Manager, Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd, explains: “We have developed DMU41 in close consultation with customers across many sectors, many of whom have expressed a need for a highly compact, ‘tactical grade’ IMU that is not ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) controlled.”

Capers continues: “We expect our new IMU to find a home operating in the most severe situations – environments such as aerospace, marine and space – where consistent, ultra-precise motion sensing is critical but available space and power is limited.”

DMU41 is an all-silicon micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) IMU that delivers unparalleled inertial performance, combining excellent angle random walk and bias stability with exceptional low noise characteristics. This compact 9 DoF unit contains three inductive and three piezoelectric resonating ring gyroscopes with six capacitive accelerometers, all designed and manufactured by Silicon Sensing, along with 3 magnetometers. All inertial sensor data is blended to give optimal motion sensing information with DMU41 able to provide data at variable output rates up to 2kHz. Outputs can combine angular rate, acceleration, delta angle and delta velocity, temperature and built-in test results – and every DMU41 is calibrated over the full operational temperature range to guarantee sustained, reliable performance.

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