New CRH01

MEMS Gyroscope Challenges FOG Technology.

Silicon Sensing Systems have released a single axis MEMS gyroscope that has a performance that can now challenge FOG gyroscopes for applications where low noise and high stability are critical, but at an affordable cost.

The CRH01 is a development utilising the highly successful VSG3 (inductive drive and pick-off on our unique vibrating ring) technology from Silicon Sensing.

  • Bias Instability < 0.2°/hr
  • Bias over Temp  ±0.2°/sec to ±0.5°/sec
  • ARW <0.04°/√hr
  • Quiescent Noise 0.02 °/sec
  • Rate Ranges 25°/sec to 400°/sec
  • Analogue Interface
  • 35mm x 35mm x 25mm (excluding flange)
  • Excellent Shock and Vibration resilience.

This performance has been achieved by using an optimised sensor head, which provides improved thermal stability and noise, and high grade discrete components operating in a closed loop system.This Allan Variance chart shows the characteristics for a CRS01-25 device, the 25˚/s rate range version. This clearly shows the bias instability is typically 0.1˚/hr and has an Angle Random Walk (ARW) better than 0.02°/√hr. This level of performance has, up to now, only been achievable with FOG and Ring Laser Gyro technology. The CRH01 clearly challenges these technologies.

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