New CRS39 finds North

Silicon Sensing Systems is developing a single axis MEMS gyroscope that has the ability to find North with an accuracy previously only achievable by Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) and Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs).

The CRS39-03 is a development utilising the highly successful VSG3 (inductive drive and pick-off on our unique vibrating ring) technology from Silicon Sensing.

This performance level has been achieved by using an optimised sensor head – VSG3QMAX, which provides very high Q, resulting in improved thermal stability and noise. Precision, high-grade discrete components operating in a closed loop system are used throughout to achieve optimum performance, as shown on the following Allan Variance plot:

  • Bias Instability < 0.1°/hr
  • ARW <0.015°/√hr
  • Bias over Temp ±50°/hr
  • Quiescent Noise 0.01 °/sec (to 25Hz)
  • Rate Ranges 25°/sec
  • Analogue Interface
  • Designed to fit within a Ф24mm tube

More recently, Silicon Sensing has been demonstrating the ability of this gyro to find True North, the litmus test of a high performance gyroscope, by detecting the rotation of the Earth in the absence of all other sources of geo-positional information. In a recent presentation to M.Eng students at the University of Plymouth, UK, Silicon Sensing showed the results from recent testing. The test results below show that the uncertainty in North measurement can be reduced to below 0.1 degrees, after the gyroscope has been allowed to warm up and settle, with the data being averaged over a number of repeated tests.

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