Our latest miniature IMU

Silicon Sensing is delighted to announce the launch of DMU11, the latest in its portfolio of silicon MEMS IMUs. DMU11 follows in the footsteps of the popular DMU10 range, offering similar performance but in a reduced size packaging. Available only in an OEM PCB format, this latest product is firmly aimed at integration into high-volume applications where a low acquisition cost is essential. Users of the DMU10 already appreciate the performance that DMU11 now offers – bias instabilities of better than 10deg/hr and 0.05mg, and random walks of less than 0.4deg/rt hr and 0.05m/s. Each DMU11 is individually calibrated over its full operating temperature range, thus maximising and proving its performance specification.

Available for purchase and evaluation now, DMU11 is gearing up for high volume production. An evaluation kit can also be purchased, comprising a DMU11, and interfacing hardware to connect it to a PC. Custom evaluation software, also provided, allows the user to monitor the DMU11 outputs in real time, or to capture and save the inertial data for subsequent analysis.

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