PinPoint® gyro even better

Continuous improvements to the design and manufacturing processes of the PinPoint® CRM100 and CRM200 precision MEMS gyro mean that SSS has been confident in tightening the specification to guarantee higher performance for many customers. Scale Factor, Bias Instability and Angular Random Walk error parameters are now up to 50% lower with this release. Typical Bias Instability is now 12°/hr and Scale Factor over temperature 0.5% making PinPoint the best in class for a miniature chip-scale MEMS gyro. In many cases this means customers who previously needed to calibrate the host system to guaranteee system level performance across the operating temperature range can consider removing this costly procedure thus making considerable savings. PinPoint® is an extremely successful single-axis gyro product for Silicon Sensing with well over a million gyros in service with hundreds of customers in a diverse number of applications ranging from car navigation aiding to aircraft instrumentation. Improvements to the Thin Film PZT transducer technology have been at the core of the drive for improving the sensor, this PZT technology is now being successfully applied to customers of Silicon Sensing’s foundry business.

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