PinPoint gyro production increased by 30%

Silicon Sensing increases gyro production by 30% as markets look for performance increase – Customers combine Pinpoint® sensors for up to 4x better performance.

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd has increased production of its low price, miniature solid-state Pinpoint® gyro by 30% to meet growing demand for improved motion sensing across many every-day applications.

Steve Capers, General Manager, Silicon Sensing Systems, comments: “This is a remarkable time for us. Across many of what we would view as ‘workhorse’ applications we are seeing growing demand for precision levels of motion sensing, delivered at a realistic price. In tasks such as camera stabilization for land surveying, operators now expect to work with minimal jitter, drift and noise, allowing them to increase the quality of what is often vital imagery and data. Using Pinpoint in combination, our customers are seeing performance enhancements of up to 400% ”

Due to its small size, low price and excellent, reliable performance, Pinpoint is being used in combination to improve the performance of many sensor types. This is a single chip device the size of the smallest fingernail (approximately 5mm by 6mm) packaged in a hermetically sealed, ceramic leadless chip carrier (LCC). A bank of 16 Pinpoints can be combined on a printed circuit board (PCB) less than 30mm by 25mm to deliver 4 x better performance than a single device – and class-leading bias and noise performance over a wide temperature range. As PinPoint is available in both flat and vertical form factors, users can create similarly up-scaled three-axis sensing solutions on a single PCB.

Capers continues: “As awareness of these performance gains is growing we have been approached by customers across many markets and have already responded by increasing production by 30%. Next year may bring further increases in demand.”

Three Pinpoint gyros, as well as three of Silicon Sensing’s CRH02 gyros and in-house accelerometers, are also used in the company’s latest and highest performing inertial measurement unit, DMU30. This is an all-MEMS (Micro electro-mechanical system) unit delivering inertial performance that is equivalent to fibre-optic gyro (FOG) grade devices but with greater reliability and at a lower cost, size and weight than is typical of FOG technology.

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