CMS390 (orthogonal)

Industry-leading orthogonal combi-sensor, delivering high-performance bias and noise over temperature.

Our CMS390 combi-sensor is a combined single-axis gyro and dual-axis low-g accelerometer. The unit features user-selectable dynamic range and bandwidth, with a digital SPI output. The CMS390 is mounted on its side (orthogonal), combined with the CMS300 enables all axes to be measured using a single board (PCBA). Measurement range and bandwidth of all three channels can be independently selected by the user.

Production Status: In Production
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Availability: Available
Customer Applications: New and existing applications

Supply Voltage3.3V
Angular Random Walk0.40º/√hr
Bias Instability10°/hr
Bandwidth (nominal)45, 55, 90 or 110Hz Acc; 45, 62, 95 or 190Hz (user selectable)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +125°C
Angular Rate Range±150°/s to ±300°/s
Current Consumption8mA
Velocity Random Walk<0.05 m/s/√hr
Noise Spectral Density Gyro0.1 °/s rms
Noise Spectral Density Acc1mg rms
Vibration Rectification (ACC)0.001°/s/g2 rms to 0.003°/s/g2 rms
Rate SF over Temp±2.0%
Rate Bias Over Temperature±1.0˚/s typ ±1.75˚/s max
Acc Bias over Temp±30mg to ±75mg
Acc SF over Temp±2.5%
Baud RateSPI msg rate max 10kHz clock rate 7MHz
Accelerometer Bias Instability<0.05mg
Vibration Rectification Error0.001°/s/g2 rms to 0.003°/s/g2 rms
Rate SF over Temp (Gyro)±2.0%

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