The optimum high-performance unhoused MEMS gyroscope for applications where bias instability, angle random walk and low noise are of critical importance.

The CRH03 (OEM) is a class-leading standalone MEMS gyroscope. For endless applications, the unique and patented silicon ring technology gives advanced and stable performance over time and temperature, overcoming mount sensitivity problems associated with simple beam or tuning fork based sensors. It is a small, high-performing, robust MEMS gyro which is a viable and cost-effective alternative to Fibre Optic Gyro (FOG) and Dynamically Tuned Gyro (DTG).

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crh03 mems gyroscope
crh03 mems gyroscope
crh03 mems gyroscope
crh03 mems gyroscope
crh03 mems gyroscope
Supply Voltage5V5V5V5V5V
Dynamic Range±10°/s±25°/s±100°/s±200°/s±400°/s
Angular Random Walk0.005°/√hr0.006°/√hr0.006°/√hr0.008°/√hr0.010°/√hr
SF Error Over Temp±0.15%±0.15%±0.3%±0.3%±0.3%
Bias over Temperature±0.1 ̊/sec±0.1 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec
Bias Instability0.03°/hr0.04°/hr0.04°/hr0.05°/hr0.05°/hr
Bandwidth (nominal)50Hz50Hz100Hz100Hz100Hz
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Scale Factor 200mV/°/s at 25°C 80mV/°/s at 25°C 20mV/°/s at 25°C 10mV/°/s at 25°C 5mV/°/s at 25°C
Typ. Current Consumption30mA30mA30mA30mA30mA
Angular Rate Range±10°/s±25°/s±100°/s±200°/s±400°/s
Operational Shock95g x 6ms95g x 6ms95g x 6ms95g x 6ms95g x 6ms
SF Setting Error±0.17%±0.17%±0.17%±0.17%±0.17%
Bias Setting Error±10mV±10mV±10mV±10mV±10mV
Bias over Temperature±0.1 ̊/sec±0.1 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec±0.15 ̊/sec
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

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