A single-axis MEMS gyro module that delivers a low-cost and robust option for industrial and commercial applications.

The CRS43 utilises VSG5 Thin Film PZT vibrating ring sensor technology in a CRS03-like F3 module. It delivers high performance motion sensing even under sever shock and vibration. Three versions are available, with either pin outputs or flying leads, and rate ranges of ±100°/s or ±200°/s. It is supplied as a mechanically housed gyro, making it simple to attach to the host structure using screws.

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CRS43 gyroscope mems sensor
CRS43 gyroscope mems sensor
CRS43 gyroscope mems sensor
Supply Voltage5V5V5V
Angular Random Walk0.2°/√hr0.2°/√hr0.2°/√hr
Bias over Temperature±3 ̊/sec±3 ̊/sec±3 ̊/sec
Bias Repeatability±0.14 ̊/sec±0.14 ̊/sec±0.14 ̊/sec
Bias Instability12°/hr12°/hr12°/hr
Bandwidth (nominal)24Hz24Hz24Hz
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Scale Factor20mV/°/s20mV/°/s 10mV/°/s
Typ. Current Consumption26mA26mA26mA
Angular Rate Range ±100°/s ±100°/s ±200°/s
Operational Shock200g200g200g
SF Setting Error±1%±1%±1%
Bias Setting Error±3°/s±3°/s±6°/s
Bias over Temperature±3 ̊/sec±3 ̊/sec±3 ̊/sec
SF Variation with Temp±3.0%±3.0%±3.0%
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

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