Gemini (in-plane)

Accelerometer sensors offering high performance dual-axis linear acceleration measurement in a small surface mount package.

Gemini® is our family of integrated MEMS accelerometers. Comprising a dual-axis MEMS sensing device with a dedicated control ASIC in a single ceramic LCC package. The CAS200 series provides two in-plane axes of linear acceleration sensing and is available in five different dynamic ranges.

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Supply Voltage3.3V3.3V3.3V3.3V3.3V
Bias over Temperature±50mg±50mg±50mg±150mg±500mg
Bias Repeatability±0.35mg±0.75mg±0.75mg±3.0mg±8.0mg
Bandwidth (nominal)>170Hz (Digital) >250Hz (Analogue)>170Hz (Digital) >250Hz (Analogue)>170Hz (Digital) >250Hz (Analogue)>170Hz (Digital) >250Hz (Analogue)>170Hz (Digital) >250Hz (Analogue)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C-40°C to +125°C
Typ. Current Consumption3mA3mA3mA3mA3mA
Operational Shock1000g 1ms ½ sine1000g 1ms ½ sine1000g 1ms ½ sine1000g 1ms ½ sine
Bias over Temperature±50mg±50mg±50mg±150mg500mg
Axes of Acceleration22222
Acceleration Range±0.85g±2.5g±10g±30g±96g
Noise Spectral Density≤50µg/√Hz≤150µg/√Hz≤150µg/√Hz≤350µg/√Hz≤1200µg/√Hz
Vibration Rectification0.15mg/g2 @ 0.5g rms0.15mg/g2 @ 2.0g rms0.15mg/g2 @ 8.0g rms0.15mg/g2 @ 12g rms0.15mg/g2 @ 12g rms
Digital Scale Factor 33,500lsb/g 11,000lsb/g 2,800lsb/g 1,050lsb/g300lsb/g
Analogue Scale Factor1150mV/g375mV/g96mV/g36mV/g10mV/g
Bias Stability (One Year)±7.5mg±7.5mg±7.5mg±25mg±75mg
Velocity Random Walk(m/s/√h) 0.07(m/s/√h) 0.07(m/s/√h) 0.07(m/s/√h) 0.07(m/s/√h) 0.07
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

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