Our end-to-end approach to research, design, and manufacturing is key to our success. We manage every aspect of our product range, ensuring industry-leading quality and performance.

Ranging from tiny, low cost, navigation and pointing gyroscopes through to our multi-axis accelerometers and fully calibrated IMUs, we provide a range of MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) inertial sensors to suit a variety of performance requirements, from low-cost high-volume applications through to tactical-grade systems.

All our products are based around our unique, patented MEMS technology which minimises unit size, weight, and power consumption. They bring precise, sustained inertial measurement to the most compact platforms, those with the least available power, and those that must operate for prolonged periods and in the most severe environments. Our performance gains in critical areas such as bias instability and angle random walk. Independent analysis clearly shows that our latest products can deliver performance equivalent to larger, heavier, and far more costly FOG-based units.


MEMS gyroscopes designed to meet all levels of performance requirements in a huge range of applications.

Our range of single-axis silicon MEMS gyroscope sensors and modules offers the perfect balance of price and performance. From low-cost, precision, chipscale sensors (e.g.PinPoint®) up to FOG-grade high performance MEMS gyro modules (eg CRH03 and CRS39A).


Class-leading MEMS accelerometers and combi-sensors, delivering high-precision linear acceleration in any environment.

Gemini® is our high performance dual-axis silicon MEMS accelerometer sensor and the CMS300 is a single-axis gyro and dual-axis low-g combi-sensor. They can be mounted in-plane (flat) or orthogonal (side) which enables all axes to be measured using a single board (PCBA)

IMUs & Combi-Sensors

High performance, light weight, and reliable IMUs. Delivering ground-breaking MEMs inertial precision in any environment.

Our latest family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs) are redefining MEMs inertial. Offering complete motion sensing and control, they are an affordable alternative to ‘FOG-Grade’ IMUs.

Development Tools

Sensor Evaluation Boards and USB Interface Kits are available for our products. These are intended for use by customers to quickly test, capture the data and evaluate the results.

Robust & reliable

Our products are trusted by the world’s leading technology companies. They choose us for high-quality and reliable performance in ever-more extreme environments.

High performance

Our MEMS sensors achieve unmatched levels of performance gains in critical areas such as bias instability and angle random walk.


All our product designs go through rigorous testing utilising our ISO17025 accredited laboratory.

Technical support

We manage every aspect of our product range in-house, ensuring the highest quality on the market. Our highly skilled team provide expert technical support.

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