一款 低成本、低噪声的微型 IMU,适用于需要卓越性能的大规模应用场景。

DMU11 是一款低成本的六自由度惯性测量单元,适用于小规模和大规模应用场景。 这款紧凑型 IMU 可实现同类领先的零偏不稳定性和随机游走——角度随机游走 < < 10°/h,0.4°/√ 小时 – 线性随机游走 0.05mg,0.05m/s/√ 小时。 可在角速率和线性加速度的三个轴上以超高精度实现完整的动作感应和控制。



Supply Voltage3.2V to 5.2V
Angular Random Walk0.40º/√hr
Bias Instability<10°/hr, <0.05mg
Bandwidth (nominal)gyro 77±2 Acc 69±3
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Typ. Current Consumption85mA
Angular Rate Range±300˚/s
Axes of Acceleration3
Velocity Random Walk<0.05 m/s/√hr
Axes of Angular Rate3
Noise Spectral Density Gyro0.1 °/s rms
Noise Spectral Density Acc1mg rms
Rate SF over Temp±0.1%
Rate Bias Over Temperature±0.25 °/sec
Acc Bias over Temp+/- 3mg
Acc SF over Temp±0.1%
Baud Rate460800
Accelerometer Bias Instability0.05mg
Vibration Rectification Error-0.15°/s/g2 rms to 0.15°/s/g2 rms
I'm having trouble receiving data from the DMU11

The DMU11 Output Message is output on a RS422 Serial interface at 460,800 baud using a non-return to zero protocol. The DMU11 RS422 driver does not include a 120-ohm termination resistor which is normally associated with the RS422 interface. Therefore, if the user is not going to use the receive feature of the DMU11 (RX Lo and Rx Hi), then a 120 ohm termination resistor needs to be inserted between Pins 3 and 4 of the connector. Pins 3 and 4 should not be left unterminated since noise received on Pins 3 or 4 could cause the DMU11 to stop transmitting data on it transmit lines. Ideally, the termination resistor should be placed as close to the connector as possible.

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